We provide a wide range of excavating services to suit your needs.

We put our knowledge and expertise at your disposal in order to get you the best service in the region. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction through the entire process. We take pride in our work and do the best we can at every stage to ensure that your needs are met.

Rock Breaking

Rock Breaking

The Rock Breaker is often the saviour for the bobcat during a pool dig when they encounter hard ground. Some ground types requiring the rock breaker are limestone and gravel. It is also used for the demolition of concrete pools, house slabs and driveways.

excavation machine

Auger Boring/Post Holes

The auger is popular for fencing and more recently the erection of shade sails. The benefit of the auger is to get the depth required without creating a large hole and therefore losing the natural compaction of the ground around. We can auger upto 3.5 meters deep.


General Trenching

The most common work for us is trenching. Trenching in subdivisions for the laying of water, power,  telecommunications and gas services. We also trench for reticulation, electricians and plumbers. Trenching is performed in various types of sand and clay.

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We are popular with some soakwell companys to save the manual digging of large holes required for good sized soakwells. Whilst on site we can also use the excavator to lower the soakwell tanks into place. We can also provide the full plumbing solution if that suits.

Digging the earth away for you

Tree Relocation

Tree Relocation is a delicate operation. Care is required to expose the root bulb/system. Then the real delicate process commences lifting the tree from its existing ground and carefully transporting to a new location. Often used for beloved palms in house moves.

Tree and Stump Removal

Stump Removal

For those that are not interested in digging manually all day to remove a tree stump and also not happy with the wasted garden bed that occurs when you cut the tree off level with the ground. This way is far cleaner where the full stump and majority of the roots is removed.

Pool Digs

Pool Digs & Demolition

Often pools can and are dug by a bobcat. However we have a fair involvment when the bobcat encounters hard rock. We are also involved in pool digs where there is restricted room for the bobcat and for deep end digs where the bobcat can't get out.

Vehicle Demolition

Other Demolition

Demolition is a very generic description. We can demolish preloved concrete pools, concrete slabs, walls, partial and full houses. Even vehicles. Yes we have smashed vehicles to simulate a car accident for a movie and an advertising campaign.